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6 Pro Tips to Find the Perfect Plus Size Bras in Australia

When it comes to shopping for plus size bras online, Australia offers a wealth of options. But how do you pick the best? The ones that are going to look great, fit great, and feel comfortable throughout the day?

Follow these six tips, and the very best plus size bras online in Australia will be arriving at your door in no time! 


1.Double Check Your Band Size 

One of the most common causes of bra discomfort is a band that’s too big. Most of the support should be coming from the band, which needs to fit snugly to do its job. Otherwise, the shoulder straps can start to dig in. Measure around your underbust in inches, add one if it’s an odd number, and then use this as a starting guide (you might need to go up or down a band size, and it can also vary between brands). Don’t be put off if the number seems too small – a lot of people overestimate the band size they need!

2.Look For a Tall Band 

When you’re browsing the available plus size bras online in Australia, pay attention to the height of the band. A taller band distributes the weight of your bust over a larger surface area, further reducing strain on your shoulders. It also has a smoothing effect, versus a narrow band which is more likely to dig in and cause unflattering bulges. 


3.Always Fit to the Bigger Breast 

It’s normal to have some breast size unevenness, and the difference can be more pronounced when you’re plus sized. Aim to find a cup size that fits your larger breast – you can always fill in the extra space on the other side with a removable padded insert. (Specifically choosing bras which come with removable inserts, and the pockets to hold them, can be very helpful here).

4.Choose a Specialist Plus Size Brand 

Buying from a lingerie brand that specialises in plus sizes means they’ll really know what they’re doing in terms of fit and support. Their bras will have been graded especially for plus sized bodies, and fit tested using plus sized models. Some of the top-rated plus size bras online Australia has to offer are made by Exquisite Form and Leading Lady, both plus-sized focused brands.


5.Stick With What You Know 

Experimenting with new lingerie styles can be fun. But when your goal is to find the perfect fit, start by looking at what you already own that works well for you. Is there a brand whose fit you love? If not, think about the features of your favourite bra. Is it seamed or seamless? Wired or wirefree? Tall or low cupped? Working out what it is you love about it will help you to narrow down the options and find something else similar.

6.Check the Returns Policy 

Internet shopping gives you access to a wealth of options, but it does mean you can’t try anything on. So, our number one tip when shopping for plus size bras online in Australia? Choose Style Gallery for our easy returns process – exchanging for another size or style is completely free within Australia, so you won’t feel like you’re stuck with a bra that doesn’t fit or that you don’t love.


 So there you have it, six tips to help you find your perfect plus size bra without ever stepping foot in a boutique. Happy online shopping!

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