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Buy Shock Absorber Bras Online


At Style Gallery, we provide you a comprehensive range of Shock Absorber Sports Bras at highly competitive prices. Shock Absorber Bras are truly the perfect high impact sports bras, suitable for most shapes and sizes. 


Get active in total comfort with a Shock Absorber bra. Australia and New Zealand shipping.


Launched more than two decades ago, Shock Absorber is the leading sports bra brand in the UK, and widely-considered to be one of the best in the world too – and now it’s available here in Australia at Style Gallery!


Any Shock Absorber sports bra is the result of extensive biomechanical research. The brand is on a mission to create innovative, high-performance exercise bras that will make even the most extreme-intensity workouts free from breast pain. Studies have shown that a sports bra by Shock Absorber can reduce breast bounce by as much as 78%.


The differences between Shock Absorber bras are more than just aesthetic. Designers and scientific researchers have come together to create targeted styles for running, racket sports, and ball sports. The bestselling Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra for example offers specialized support that is highly effective at minimizing breast movement during running and jogging specifically.


However, what all Shock Absorber sports bras do have in common is the use of breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics for enhanced comfort both during and after your workout. They aid with temperature regulation, and are quick-drying to reduce friction and therefore chafing. Plus, these high-tech fabrics are resistant to pilling, for maximum durability.


Shop Shock Absorber Bra For Myriad Purposes


Whether you are looking for a simple Shock Absorber gym bra for lifting weights, or a style suitable for high-octane team sports, we have it here – including options for those who want a stylish look as much as they want support. The Shock Absorber Active Bra collection includes bras with bold prints and chic design details, so you can stand out while working out.


Only your muscles should get sore, not your breasts. Feel for yourself the difference made by a Shock Absorber bra – Australia is about to discover its favorite new fitness bra brand!


Common FAQ for High-quality Shock Absorber Sports Bras


Where Should You Buy Shock Absorber Sports Bra


Style Gallery is the one stop destination to Shop High Impact Sports Bra in Australia. We have a wide range of shock absorber sports bras including Ultimate run bra padded, ultimate run bra, Active D+ classic, Active Shaped bra and more. You can check out our catalog and choose the right buying option.


Are Shock Absorber Bras Too Big or Too Small?


Before you start using a shock absorber sports bra, it's important to feel supported. Best way to checkout is putting two fingers underneath the strap. If you can easily put it under the strap, it's too big and if you aren't able to do so, it's too tight.


Are Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra a good Investment?


Yes, if you are into athletics and practice running a lot, you should buy a good quality shock absorber bra that offers great support. You can also select Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Padded Sports Bra based on your breast size.


So, what are you waiting for?


Buy Shock Absorber Online from top eCommerce platform in Australia. We are committed to provide a premium shock absorber sports bra at the lowest price.

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