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Your Expert-level Place to Shop for Sports Crop Tops Online.

We’ve scoured the globe to bring you only the very best women’s sports crop tops, from leading brands such as Shock Absorber. Based on decades of research, these designs combine expertly-engineered support with breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that will keep you cool throughout your workout. The materials are also highly durable. You can put your sports crop top through its paces, and through the washing machine, again and again without having to worry about it wearing out.

Wondering about the difference between a sports bra and sports crop top? It’s all in the level of support they offer. Sports crop tops are designed with lower-impact activities in mind, such as yoga, Pilates, dance classes and lifting weights. While they’re not ideal for sports where you’ll be running around and jumping a lot, for those more gentle activity types a sports crop top will provide sufficient bounce control to keep you feeling comfortable.

As well as looking at function, every item in our collection of sports crop tops for women has also been hand-picked for its stylish aesthetic. Athleisure wear is a growing trend which blurs the line between active wear and casual wear. After all, it’s nice to know you look chic when you’re working out, right? These sports crops – some available in eye-catching prints – look so good on that there’s no need to hide them under a tank top.

To get your best fit when buying sports crop tops online, we recommend sticking to your usual size (unless the product info advises differently). It’s already made with support in mind, and a too-small top will restrict your movement. In the correct size, a good sports crop top will do its job while feeling comfy – so that there’s nothing to take your focus off your fitness goals!

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