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Find your perfect contour bra at Style Gallery!

A contour or moulded bra is easy to distinguish from an unlined one, because the moulded cup bra will hold its shape off the body. However, it’s a common misconception that all moulded bras are thickly padded and hence add volume to your bust; in reality, moulded bras made from thin material also exist, which shape your bust without changing its size.

A contour cup bra can be made in a number of ways. Often, the cups are pressed into shape using a combination of heat and pressure – hence the name ‘moulded bra’. Contour cups made this way are totally seamless. However, you can also find contour cup bras made from foam-lined material that has been cut and sewn together for added support, especially in larger cup sizes.

And if you’re looking for bras padded with a layer of ‘foam’ so light it lets your skin breathe just like an unpadded one, pick one of our many styles with spacer cups. These feature two thin layers of fabric knitted together with special spacer yarn, creating that sculpted, moulded look but with minimum volume of material and hence maximum space for airflow.

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