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Exquisite Form: The Perfect Posture Bra, Now in Australia

Looking for posture bras on sale in Australia? Then there’s a brand you absolutely need to know: Exquisite Form. Created in 1945, their designers have spent the over seven decades since perfecting their range of underwear options for fuller figures, including creating one of the best collections of ‘solution’ bras you’re likely to come across anywhere.

From exquisite longline bras for retro lovers through to handy front fastening bras for those who struggle to reach around to their back, Exquisite Form has built up a loyal fan base of women who love that they offer a number of lingerie styles typically hard to find in modern stores. They’re best known however for their posture support bras, which are comfortable front closure bras that have crossover elastic at the back to provide maximum support, both for your bust and for your spine. And though Exquisite Form is a US lingerie brand, thanks to Style Gallery you can now easily buy their posture control bras in Australia!

Exquisite Form posture control bra - how it works


How does a posture corrector bra work, exactly? It’s configured to pull your shoulders back, so that you can’t help but stand a little straighter. Not only will this make you instantly look better, you’ll feel better too because it will help to strengthen the muscles in your neck and shoulders with regular wear, which over time leads to reduced back, neck and shoulder pain.

Additionally, Exquisite Form’s posture support bras feature wide, padded straps to better distribute the weight of your bust, which again helps to relieve shoulder pain. If your bra straps usually cut in, you’ll notice an instant difference in your comfort level.

You don’t need to be full-busted to feel the benefits of a posture support bra, though! A bad back can also be caused by habitual slouching, but if you try to round forwards in these bras the sturdy elastic bands will provide resistance, pulling you back into a good position. So if you need a little reminder to sit or stand fully upright during those long hours spent at your desk, it’s the perfect solution.

Exquisite Form Front Close Lace Posture Bra


What if you’re in search of posture support sports bras in Australia? While Exquisite Form doesn’t create sportswear, the wide and padded straps, extra-wide and smooth band, and full-coverage design of their posture control bras does also go a long way towards reduce breast movement, making them ideal for low-to-medium impact sports such as yoga, cycling, and power walking.

We carry Exquisite Form posture control bras in Australian sizes 12B to 26DD (largest band size) or 24E (largest cup size), plus an array of colours and fabric choices which include soft and breathable cotton, and designs decorated with stylish lace.

Ready to find your ideal posture bra? Check out the Exquisite Form bras on sale in Australia at Style Gallery, and don’t forget to also take a look at the Exquisite Form sleepwear range too which offers colourful, comfortable pyjama sets, gowns and robes in sizes up to 3XL!

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