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Which Shock Absorber Sports Bra is Best for You?

Looking to buy high impact sports bras online in Australia, and need help narrowing down the selection? Well, firstly, we’re huge fans of Shock Absorber, whose designs are based on extensive bio-mechanic research. Rather than simply compress the breasts and call it a day, they’ve studied exactly how breasts move during exercise (it turns out, it’s something of a figure-of-8 movement) and then developed bras with features added specifically to counteract that. As a result, their Ultimate Run Bra has been proven to reduce bounce by up to 78%!

But which Shock Absorber sports bra is right for you? Partly, it depends on your cup size, as larger breasts move more and need firmer support to hold them steady. Mostly though, it comes down to the type of exercise you do. A high-intensity kickboxing class obviously calls for more rigid stability than a gentle yoga session, whatever your bust size.

Shock Absorber Active crop top low impact sports bra

Shock Absorber sports bras for low-impact activities

e.g. yoga, weight lifting, rowing, or cycling.

While Shock Absorber is best known for their bras with truly extreme support, they do have one style that offers light to middling support for your less intensive workout days: the deceptively simple-looking Active Crop Top with compression plus encapsulation support.

Shop the Shock Absorber Active Crop Top in Australia

Shock Absorber Shaped Support medium impact sports bra

Shock Absorber sports bras for medium-impact activities

e.g. tennis, power walking, Zumba, or horse riding.

The Shaped Support Bra offers slightly greater support than the crop top, plus a flattering look that rounds out your bust.

Shop the Shock Absorber Shaped Support Bra in Australia

Shock Absorber Infinity Power high impact sports bra

Shock Absorber sports bras for high-impact activities

e.g. running, kickboxing, gymnastics, or skipping.

This is where Shock Absorber really shines, and the category that most of their sports bras fall into. We’ve already mentioned their award-winning Ultimate Run Bra, which has a high racerback and delivers friction-free comfort for those jogs, sprints, and marathons. There’s also a padded version, the Ultimate Run Bra Padded.

Shop the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra in Australia

Shop the Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra Padded in Australia

Not a runner, or like to mix things up? Don’t be fooled by the crop top look of Shock Absorber’s Multi Sports Bra – it has a cupped sports bra hidden away inside, which will anchor your bust in place during any workout.

Shop the Shock Absorber Multi Sports Bra in Australia

The Infinity Power Bra has a Y shaped back for those times you need maximum freedom of movement. This front closing sports bra zips all the way up to the neck, so there’s absolutely no risk of spilling out – even in a handstand!

Shop the Shock Absorber Infinity Power Bra in Australia

Full-busted? As its name suggests, the D+ Classic Support Sports Bra delivers excellent support for larger bust sizes (up to a H cup), and does it in a super comfortable way thanks to padded straps and an extra-soft band.

Shop the Shock Absorber D+ Classic Support Sports Bra in Australia

Naturally, all Shock Absorber sports bras are made from high-performance fabrics that wick away moisture, and they’re always made with comfort in mind as much as support. It’s no wonder they’re the UK’s number one sports bra brand, and maybe soon they’ll be recognized as the best sports bras in Australia too!

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