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Stay safe with our high-quality, reusable cotton face masks.

The best face mask is multi-layered, for added protection. Our cloth face mask collection includes both 3-ply and 2-ply face masks, with earloops made from elastic for a comfortable and flexible fit that will work for both men and women. Of course, you also need something you can easily breathe in. Choosing a cotton face mask – such as those offered here – means you will benefit from the natural breath-ability and cool feeling of this plant-based fabric.


For the Eco-conscious, a reusable face mask is the most sustainable option to protect both those around you and the environment. Each cotton mask can be washed and reused numerous times, and the cotton fiber means that they are also biodegradable at the end of their lifespan. Plus, our cloth face masks come in a variety of eye-catching colours! Whether you are searching for a place to buy simple white face mask or black face mask in Australia, or want a protective face mask with added chic, you will find it here.


Just like a surgical mask, a half face mask made from fabric is primarily designed to reduce the spread and transmission of viruses, by both containing droplets when you cough or sneeze and limiting how much you touch your face. However, you may also choose to wear a washable face mask for allergies.


To maximise the protection afforded to you by your cloth mask, it is recommended to replace it with another one if the mask feels damp. Our 5 pack face masks will ensure you have a plentiful supply, even when some are in the wash. Please note that a face mask alone cannot fully protect you from virus transmission, and should be used in combination with factors such as physical distancing and regular hand-washing (including washing your hands before putting the mask on and after taking it off).

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