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Discover our Premium-Quality Collection of Cotton Bras, Vests, and Briefs.

As more and more women discover the wonderful comfort and breathability of wearing natural fibres, we’re thrilled to bring you this selection of cotton underwear. Once you try cotton, you won’t want to go back to wearing synthetic fabrics ever again!

Whether it’s a cotton bra, a cotton brief, or a cotton vest or t-shirt, you’ll love the dreamy softness of this fabric against your skin. Made from the fluffy cotton plant, it’s naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it a fabulous choice for sensitive skin. Tired of bras that feel uncomfortable, dig in, or cause you to break out in a rash? A cotton wirefree bra is about as comfy as bust-support gets, and we’ve got plenty to choose from!

Cotton is also a highly-breathable fabric, which wicks moisture away from the skin. Cotton brief panties help you to maintain feminine hygiene, and even full-brief cotton panties won’t make you sweat or overheat during the summer. And for those who love to exercise, a cotton sports bra will ensure you feel fresh and dry throughout your workouts!

Whatever your lifestyle, a women’s cotton vest will surely fit into it. This wardrobe staple can be worn so many ways – as a cami top in summer, as an extra layer for warmth in the winter, as loungewear, and even as sleepwear – so it pays to invest in a high-quality cotton version over a cheaper fabric.

Plus, another benefit of cotton is its durability. That cotton strapless bra or vest top that you buy now will last for years to come! It’s a hard-wearing, easy-to-care-for fabric that makes choosing cotton worth every penny (not that it’s expensive – it’s probably the cheapest natural fibre out there).

Explore our cotton range today and treat yourself, knowing you are buying only the very best from leading brands such as Exquisite Form and Naturana.

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