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7 Lingerie Trends of the Last Decade

Trying to shop for sexy lingerie online in Australia, but not sure what to buy? While some trends go as quickly as they came, others stick around for longer – and you can’t go wrong with an on-trend piece you’ll love for years to come. To give you some inspiration, here are 7 of the top lingerie trends from the past ten years that are still going strong.

Bralettes Trend


After decades of underwire being the bra norm, bralettes are suddenly everywhere. Offering a more casual alternative to the complex engineering of a more structured bra, bralettes are wirefree bras with no or minimal padding and seaming. You won’t get the same lift and shaping as you would in a wired bra, but if you’re craving comfort or just want a more natural look, a bralette could turn out to be your new favourite purchase.


Speaking of a more casual approach to dressing, the last decade has seen sportswear and lingerie become more intertwined than ever. More stylish and colourful than ever before, today’s sports bras are often made to be seen, and not only inside the gym – plenty of people are wearing their low-impact ‘yoga bras’ as sporty crop tops.

Strappy Lingerie Trend

Strappy lingerie

Spend five minutes shopping for sexy lingerie online in Australia, and you’ll no doubt come across multiple bras with decorative strapping. This bondage-inspired detailing has become one of the biggest lingerie trends of the past decade, no doubt because it’s an easy yet effective way to transform a basic bra into something incredibly provocative and eye-catching!


While lace lingerie remains as popular as ever, embroidery offers brands an exciting alternative – one where it’s far easier (and cheaper) to create non-standard patterns and to mix together multiple colours, leading to numerous sub-trends such as lingerie with geometric, animal or logo embroideries.

Bodysuits Trend


Not since the 1980s have lingerie bodysuits been so in vogue! Driven by a rising popularity of loungewear, bodysuits offer a crossover garment that can be worn either below clothing or on its own to chill at home in. Or, as we’ll see in a moment, as outerwear.

Lingerie as outerwear

The lingerie as outerwear trend didn’t begin in the past decade, but it definitely became a lot more common. This lingerie trend ties into many of the above ones – we’re seeing fancy bodysuits worn as tops for example, and pretty bralettes worn out to festivals or layered under sheer shirts. Plus lingerie-inspired outerwear trends such as slip dresses and pyjama ‘suits’.

Shapewear Trend


Finally, shapewear has become the ‘corsetry’ of the modern era, the go-to choice for sculpting today’s ideal silhouette under our clothes. Shapewear sales are at an all-time high and continue to grow. So while it may not be what you had in mind when thinking about buying sexy lingerie online, shapewear is certainly what makes lots of women feel sexier and more confident in their outerwear.

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