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9 Reasons to Try a Push Up Bra

Debating whether to try a push up bra? There are plenty of reasons to love them besides their cleavage-boosting abilities! Oh, and they’re absolutely not just for the small busted among you. Below are 9 reasons to give push ups a go, and while you’re here, don’t forget to check out our collection of the very best push up bras in Australia.


1. They lift your bust

Do your breasts sit a little lower than you’d like? Push up bras do a fabulous job of raising them higher, which is one of the reasons they’re also beneficial for anyone with large, heavy breasts.

2. They boost your cleavage

This goes without saying – it’s what push up bras were created for! By not only lifting the breasts up but also pushing them inwards, they create a very defined cleavage. Even those who usually struggle to get any cleavage can do so with the right push up bra.

3. They boost your confidence

Along with a fabulous cleavage comes fabulous self-confidence. Practically everyone who tries on a push up bra loves the way it looks. If you’re after something especially sexy, one of the sultriest push up bras Australia has to offer is the Marlies Dekkers Space Odyssey Push Up, which draws even more attention to your super-enhanced cleavage with its over-cup strapping details.


4. They work under most necklines

Many push ups have a low centre-front to better flaunt that cleavage effect. This means they won’t show even underneath deep V necks, and if a bra stays hidden under a plunging neckline then it will of course work under a higher one too. Not all push up bras have this plunging shape, but to give an example of a plunge-style push up bra in Australia, we love the Wonderbra Triangle Push Up Bra.

5. They’re invisible under clothing

Speaking of staying hidden, many push up bras are also very smooth-looking. They’re padded by nature, so they’ll give you that smooth, round look you’d get with any moulded bra. The only exception would be lacy push up bras which might show under thin, fitted garments.


6. They’re comfortable

In a push up bra, your breasts are literally sitting on a cushion! This soft padding plus the smooth, moulded interior makes them feel simply wonderful to wear. If you’re looking for comfy push up bras in Australia to wear on a daily basis, check out the Wonderbra Ultimate T-Shirt Bra.

7. They’re highly supportive

Because a push up bra’s whole job is to hoist your breasts up and then keep them there,they’re great for those who like a secure, maximum support feeling.


8. They come in various padding levels

Yes, all push ups are designed for lift, but they’re not all super push ups. If killer cleavage is what you’re after, one of the very best push up bras in Australia is the Wonderbra Full Effect Bra which has both gel and air pads. The Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris Push Up Bra on the other hand delivers a subtler boost, and displays only a hint of cleavage through its lattice-effect strapping.

9. They improve your overall silhouette

By lifting your bust up off your chest, a push up bra can also help to make your torso look narrower and visually highlight your waist. It’s the overall effect you’ll love, not just the knockout cleavage.

Have we convinced you to give push ups a try? Find all the best push up bras Australia has to offer right here at Style Gallery!

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