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5 Things to Consider When Buying Push Up Bras

Shopping for push up bras in Australia? Before you hit ‘buy’, take a moment to read this guide. We’re going to explain everything you need to know to choose a push up that will meet your needs, fit you well and feel comfortable, and of course, we’ll be sharing some of the best push up bras Australia has to offer along the way!

But First, What Is A Push Up Bra?

All push up bras have padding, but not all padded bras are push up ones. Push ups are those with padding in a specific location: the base of the cup. The breast sits on top of this, lifting it higher. Some push up bras also have padding at the outer sides, to push breasts inwards for added cleavage.

Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris push up bra

Now, let’s talk about what to consider when choosing a style:

The Level Of Padding

Not all push up bras are created equal. Some have very light padding only and will lift your bust without adding much volume, while others can make it appear a whole two cup sizes larger. If you want an extreme boost, one of our favourite push up bras in Australia is the Wonderbra Full Effect bra! If you’re undecided, keep your options open with a design that has removable padding.

The Type Of Padding

Push up bras are typically padded with foam, gel or air-filled inserts. Gel padding can be quite heavy, so if you plan to wear your push up bra all day long, you’ll likely find a lightweight foam or air-padded push up bra preferable for comfort reasons.

Wired or Wirefree?

Most push up bras are underwired, but not all of them. A wirefree push up bra will give you a slightly more relaxed, natural-looking shape, plus make the fit slightly more flexible. If you’re after the ultimate lift however, choose a wired style for that extra boost of support.

Wonderbra Refined Lace balconette push up bra

The Bra Shape

Want to flaunt maximum cleavage? You need a push up plunge bra! However, you can also get a balconette-style push up bra which provides lift only, for a rounded ‘cakes on a plate’ look. Think about what you plan to wear over the bra; a plunge works better under very low-cut necklines, since the low centre-front of the bra means it won’t show. If the outfit you have in mind has an unusual neckline (e.g. one-shouldered), one of the best push up bras in Australia right now is the versatile Wonderbra Ultimate Multiway bra.

The Bra Style

Are you after an everyday push up bra, or a statement design for a special occasion? A casual, t-shirt style push up such as the MarliesDekkers Space Odyssey Push Up Bra works under most outfits since the seamless cups create a smooth line. But if you’re more interested in a head-turning design, we love the lace of the Wonderbra Refined Glamour Triangle Push Up Bra and the bold, cage-style strapping of the MarliesDekkers Dame de Paris Push Up Bra. When it comes to sexy and stylish push up bras, Australia has no shortage of choice here at Style Gallery!

Marlies Dekkers Space Odyssey push up bra

Now you know how to choose the perfect push up, the only thing left to do is start looking for it! Check out our full collection of push up bras in Australia here.

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