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What Are Plunge Bras & What Does a Plunge Bra Do?

Plunge bras are consistently one of the top-selling styles in lingerie boutiques, but there are some misconceptions about what they are exactly and who they’re best-suited to. For example, that all plunge bras are heavily padded and hence made for a ‘sexy’ look, and that if you’re fuller-busted, you’ll probably spill out of them. Neither is true!

So today, let’s answer some important questions: what are plunge bras? Who can wear them? And what is it about them that makes them so very popular? 

Lady With Plunge Bras | Style Gallery


What Are Plunge Bras?

Generally speaking, a plunge bra is one with wires that don’t come up very high at the centre-front, between the cups.Rather than their wires being a deep U shape, they’re closer to a J – still tall at the side of the body, but short in the middle of it. This gives the cups an angled shape, so they create more of a V-shaped neckline than other bras do.

However, it’s worth noting that there are also wirefree plunge bras around. These have the same angled cups and low centre-front, just without any underwire.

While some people hear “plunge” and immediately think “sexy lingerie”, the truth is that plunge bras come in a wide variety of styles. As well as there being both wired and wirefree options, you’ve also got your pick of everything from heavy push-up padding, to thin-yet-moulded styles, through to ones that are completely unlined.

Women Plunge Bras - Style Gallery

What Does A Plunge Bra Do?

Now you know what a plunge bra is, but what’s the benefit of wearing one? What does a plunge bra do, and which bust sizes or shapes are they particularly ideal for?

Plunge Bras Stay Hidden Under Plunging Necklines

If you’ve got an outfit with a low-cut neckline, there’s a chance the top edge of your bra could show unless you pick an equally low-cut bra style. This is exactly the kind of situation where having at least one great plunge bra in your lingerie drawer will come in very handy.

Plunge Bras Create Cleavage

Though not to be confused with a push-up bra which uses padding to create the illusion of greater volume, the angled cup shape on a plunge bra gently guides breast tissue inwards towards the centre for a subtle cleavage boost. It also shows off that cleavage thanks to its low-coverage design! 

Women Plunge Bras - Style Gallery


Plunge Bras Deliver On Comfort

Plunge bras work particularly well for those who find that taller underwires often poke and prod at the sternum. And if you have close-set breasts, plunge bras means you’re not trying to sandwich two underwires between them. So far from being just for special occasions, many people choose plunges as their everyday go-to due to finding them comfier.

Plunge Bras Are Supportive

Plunge bras may be a little lower-coverage than full cups or balconettes, but you’ll still benefit from underwire (usually), tall side support, and plenty of lift. Even if you wear a DD+ cup size, you can get all the support you need in a well-fitting plunge bra!

And if you are spilling out, or having other fit issues? Check out our guide to solving the 5 most common plunge bra fit problems.


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