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Your 5 Most Common Plunge Bra Fit Problems, Solved!

Plunge bras offer the perfect blend of sex appeal, comfort, and convenience. They’re designed with angled cups with J-shaped underwires rather than the usual U shape, meaning they don’t come up very high at the centre-front (known as the gore) so won’t show under a V neck.

However, they’re also one of the harder styles to fit. Lower-coverage cups make it easier to spill out, while the angled shape can cause issues with gapping and strap slippage.

If you’re full busted, some of the best plunge bras Australia has to offer are made by Parfait. For small to medium cup sizes, Sans Complexe and Marlies Dekkers have some fabulous styles to suit different budgets.

Been shopping for plunge bras in Australia and have yet to find one that fits? Let’s fix that! Here are 5 common fit problems and how to solve them:

Sans Complexe Hirondelle

Gapping at the top of the cup

The triangular shape of plunge cups means they come up higher than a balconette. If your breasts are fuller on the bottom, this can lead to excess space at the top.

There are a few fixes. First, try tightening the straps a little, or going down a cup size. If the gapping remains, you can add a padded insert below your breast to lift it up and fill that space (a padded push up bra will have the same effect). Alternatively, swap to a style with shorter cups, or a neckline made from stretch fabric that will better contour to your body, such as the Sans Complexe Hirondelle.

Parfait Sandrine

Spilling out of the centre

With nothing there to contain the breast tissue at the centre, it can spill out and cause a bumpy look under clothing. However, spillage might just mean you need a larger cup size!

Otherwise, look for a taller gore (so a less-dramatic plunge shape). If you really need a ‘super plunge’ for a special occasion, you could try using lingerie tape to keep things in place throughout the event.

Gore lifting away from sternum

Centre-front not lying flat against your body? First, ensure the band is fitting firmly and the issue isn’t simply that the band is loose all around the body. If the band is fine, this problem suggests that the cups aren’t big enough to wrap all the way around your breast tissue, so you need a larger cup size.

Parfait Pearl

Slipping shoulder straps

Angled cups mean plunge bras have wider-set straps, since they have to attach to the cup where it comes to a peak right at the edge of your torso. This helps to keep straps out of sight under a neckline that’s both deep and wide, but makes it easier for them to slip off, especially if you have narrow or sloping shoulders.

To avoid this problem, choose a multiway style and wear the straps crossed at the back to pull them inwards. Parfait’s Emma is one of our favourite plunge bras in Australia with convertible straps.

Not enough lift

While plunges expose more of your bust and are great for showing off natural cleavage, they don’t create cleavage. Well, the angled cups will gently draw the breasts together, but if you want a significantly rounder, perkier shape than you’re getting, you need a push-up plunge bra such as the Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris.

Marlies Dekkers Dame de Paris push up

We hope this solves your plunge bra fit problems, and be sure to check out our full collection of plunge bras in Australia!

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