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Review of Naturana's Bestselling Underwire Bra

We're very proud to share a blog post about Naturana lingerie from the website Smart Casual Classic, a site providing all the style, beauty and lifestyle advice women need.

The author of this website is none other than renowned Australian stylist Rebecca O'Hearn. Her impressive career as seen her serve as the Fashion and Beauty editor at top magazines such as Yours, Woman's Day and FHM. Rebecca has also and continues to style some of Australia's most famous faces so she knows her stuff. Rebecca created Smart Casual classic with a view to making women of all ages feel confident that their wardrobe and beauty choices are the best they can be and boy is she doing a great job! 

When we were told her about our bestselling brand Naturana we were thrilled when she jumped at the chance to share it with her readers and have two of them review the popular Lace Underwire Bra (Style 87543).

Here's what her and her readers had to say. 

A lifetime of styling women continually leads us back to the basics when it comes to defining your look.

  • Know your fabrics and stick to your favourites
  • Understand your shape and the cuts that suit it- follow your body rather than trends.
  • Every great look starts with a great bra.

As much as buying a good bra can seem like a disgruntled purchase as nobody sees it, in many ways, they actually do. If you don’t have the correct support from the bottom layer up, it can have a negative impact on what might have been a solid outfit. You may invest time into getting the right cut but is there much point if you’re pairing it with a poor quality bra or underwear that digs in in all the wrong places? That’s why the last of our commandments above is also a motto of our featured brand today, Naturana

Naturana is all about functional, everyday quality and has been designing with that mission in mind for over a century! Yep, in those 100 years, the company has been part of every revolution – they’ve been around since corsets were the norm and have played integral roles in developing breakthrough technologies like microfibre fabrics for unparalleled breathability.

Naturana is a trusted household name in Europe and has now launched its first Australian website with Style Gallery. To celebrate this launch we had the opportunity to give two of our newsletter subscribers the chance to trail a Naturana bra each and share their reviews with us. 








And we're pleased to say Rebecca's readers backed her up with great reviews! 

"Very happy with the design, and I liked the shape and support the bra gave my breasts. I also liked the fact that the straps didn’t fall down. I would recommend this brand to friends but note that I found the cup sizes to run a little small for me so maybe best to see a fitter. – Faye"

"I thought the design looked great, the lace was lovely and the fabric was soft on the skin – both the lace and the satin. The underwire came up higher than I’m used to but I think it gave a good support and was very comfortable to wear. I’m narrow-shouldered and sometimes find the straps are too far apart for me but this bra was perfect. I would definitely recommend this brand to a friend as I loved the look of it, thought the fabrics were really good quality and it was comfortable. I’m now off to see if they have a contour bra to try next! – Robin

Rebecca also gave her readers the chance to win a $100 to shop for the best foundations here with us at Style Gallery and we were thrilled to have a very excited winner. 

A massive thanks to Rebecca and her readers for supporting us and Naturana. We know the quality is some of the best in the world and now some more lovely ladies do too. So if you're looking for a good bra you know where to find it! 

Shop Naturana or Shop the Underwire Lace Bra in White or Light Beige directly here. 

There's plenty more colours available in this beautiful bra too:

If there is one you'd like us to get you can contacts us and let us know or leave a comment below. 


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